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I attended a fantastic training class for Logos 6 software from Faithlife this week put on by Morris Proctor of MPSeminars called Camp Logos. I attended both Camp 1 and Camp 2 (you get a discount when you attend both). Before I go on, let me say that it was worth the price of admission by the end of the FIRST DAY! This is outstanding training for any owner of Logos and Mr. Proctor is a very good trainer.

For my sermon research and writing I use three main tools:

  1. Logos 6 for my research.
  2. Evernote to “house” all of my research findings, as well as other notes, illustrations, etc. that I use for my sermons.
  3. Microsoft Word to write my sermon manuscripts, as well as the notes I use on my iPad for preaching.

I was really excited to find that I could import my sermon manuscripts into Logos and they become indexed and searchable. For more information of how to do that, see the Personal Book Builder article and videos (created by Morris Proctor).

On Day Two of Camp Logos, I asked Moe about integration between Logos 6 and Evernote. I’m a huge fan of Evernote. I use it for all my research “collecting” when I’m preparing for a sermon and/or a sermon series. I was disappointed to find out that – as far as he knew – there was no way to integrate the two.

But guess what? I figured it out! The key is the Notes feature in Logos 6.

If you’ve not used Notes in Logos 6 (I hadn’t) it is a really great tool that attaches notes to your Bibles (by the scripture reference). As Moe was teaching us how to use Notes, I began to click around and play with the options and found a Link Tool and thought, “This might be the key.” It was!

Here is how to link an Evernote note to a Logos 6 Note:

  • In Logos 6, open your Bible and create a Note (for more information on how to do that, see this article on the MP Seminars website).
  • Open Evernote and make sure you can the note you want to link to from within Logos 6 in the Evernote sidebar.
  • Right click on the note and choose “Copy Note Link.”
  • Go back to your Note in Logos 6 and type something you want to use as your link (something like Link to Evernote). You may want to bold, use all caps, and/or change the color of your text so that it is easily identified later (you’ll see why in a minute).
  • Highlight the text you just added to your Logos note and click on the “Link” button in your Logos Notes toolbar:


  • Logos will drop down a box from your toolbar:


  • Right-click and choose “Paste” to paste the hyperlink from Evernote into the box (or use the keyboard shortcut for Paste: Ctrl+V [Windows] or Cmd+V [MacOS]). Hit Enter on your keyboard.
  • The text you selected in Logos is now connected to your Evernote note.

Now here’s where it’s a little tricky, so follow these steps carefully. To access the link to your Evernote note from within your Logos 6 note:

  • Open your Bible and click the note icon next to the Bible text that you used to link to Evernote.
  • With your note active, CAREFULLY hover your mouse cursor over the text that you hyperlinked to Evernote. Your cursor will turn into a pointing finger. When you see that, right-click and choose “open hyperlink” from the drop down menu. If anything is active in the note, your mouse will not turn into the pointing finger. If that happens, hit Esacpe (Ecs) on your keyboard to deselect everything on the note. Then your mouse will turn into the pointing finger when you hover on your hyperlink.
  • If Evernote is not open, it will open in your default web browser. After you have signed in to Evernote on your Web browser, you will either be asked if you want to open the Evernote application on your computer, or Evernote will automatically launch and open your note.

That’s it!

Note: As of the writing of this article, you can only link to a single note in Evernote. You cannot link to a Notebook.

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