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I just finished reading the book, PURSUING CHRIST, CREATING ART, by Gary Molander. I was looking forward to reading the book, as Gary and I have had a number of conversations about the book while he was in the process of writing it. If you’ve read Gary’s blog you know that he possesses the ability to get at the heart of art, artists, and the walk of faith.

Here are some of my thoughts on this book:

1. The book is a fairly quick read…

…if you choose to read it quickly. I read the entire book under 2 hours while on a flight from Fresno to Dallas. I’ve dog-eared a number of pages, however, that I want to come back to and drink in a little deeper. The book would also serve as a morning devotion or a book to take on a a retreat to do some more intense soul-searching.

2. The book is very insightful and helpful.

If you are a leader, this is a great book for those artists who serve with you. If you are artist, you will find your soul stirred and challenged by Gary’s collection of thoughts.

3. The book is a collection of sections that speaks to people in all facets of life, leadership, and ministry.

For instance, every person would benefit from the YOU ARE NOT YOUR MINISTRY and LUST sections. Every leader should read the section on SUBMITTING AND DISAGREEING. If you are a young leader, you should stop what you are doing and read Scott McClellan’s, INTRODUCTION TO AUTHORITY. And if you’re an artist if you read nothing more than the DIFFUSING THE BOMB section, buying the book was money well spent.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is an “artist” or anyone who leads teams of artists. This book will help you become a better you as you are PURSUING CHRIST, CREATING ART.

Personal Disclaimer: Gary Molander is a friend and a part of my ministry at NewCov. I received this book for free from him and I wrote the introduction to the section on Leadership. However, my positive review of his book is in no way a result of my relationship with Gary or the fact that I am a contributor to the book.

FTC Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC guidelines for bloggers and endorsements, I would like to clarify that the books reviewed on Two BlondeBoys are either purchased/borrowed by me, or provided by the publisher/author free of charge. I am neither compensated for my reviews nor are my opinions influenced in any way by the avenues in which I obtain my materials.

When I review a book that has been provided to me free of charge by the publisher or author, the review will clearly state that the book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review of the work. This statement will be located immediately following my rating at the end of my review.

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4 responses to Review of PURSUING CHRIST, CREATING ART by Gary Molander

  1. Awesome, Pat! I will be reading this!

  2. You're gonna love this book. Use it with your team! I really, really liked the book.

  3. I would totally agree with this. I'm not an artist, at least in the traditional sense. Gary would argue that we all are creative because we reflect God our creator. I'm not in a formal leadership role, but I'm a mom. I say these things to say that this book is speaking to me, in ways I never expected.

  4. That's great, Kim thanks for your thoughts and insights.

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