Global Baloney?

March 11, 2009 — Leave a comment

This morning I read THIS POST on Randy’s blog and it put me in a mind to make the following observations about our “global warming crisis”:

I have often wondered at the sky-is-falling mentality of the “go-greeners” who warn of impending doom due to global worming: a warming of our planet’s climate that leads to an eventual ice age. Heck, they even make movies about it (“The Day After Tomorrow” – one of the most blatant propaganda films disguised as a movie in recent memory).

However, I seem to remember learning of the age of dinosaurs as a young boy. A time when there were no carbon emissions and yet, magically, the world was much warmer – globally – than it is today.

I also remember learning as a young man about the ice ages our planet experienced in the not-so-distant past. Amazingly, there were no cars and factories around then, either.

How are we to explain these mystical inconsistencies with today’s global-doom-and-gloom weather predictions. As you pointed out, we have only kept track of temperatures for the last 100 years or so. But there is evidence – lots of evidence – of major climactic differences in the fossil record.

Could it be that our weather tends to be cyclical? Could it be that the climate has a lot more to do with forces other than what man brings to bear (especially considering that there were vastly fewer people on earth a the time of the last global warming and ice age and they didn’t drive SUV’s).

Might it not be a little arrogant of us – given the known fossil record of the distant and not-so-distant past – to think that we have that much to do with climactic changes?

Do I think we need to be wise with our environment? Yep. Do we need to do due diligence in protecting our natural resources? Absolutely.

Do I think we should hamstring ourselves by worrying about going green (which has a far more political and social agenda rather than a scientific one) in everything we do to the detriment of our economy and way of life?

No way.

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