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As of September 2007, Nintendo has sold over 13 million Wii game consoles. This significantly exceeds the number of Tablet PCs in use today according to even the most generous estimates of Tablet PC sales. This makes the Wii Remote one of the most common computer input devices in the world.

It also happens to be one of the most sophisticated. It contains a 1024×768 infrared camera with built-in hardware blob tracking of up to 4 points at 100Hz. This significantly out performs any PC webcam available today. It also contains a +/-3g 8-bit 3-axis accelerometer also operating at 100Hz and an expansion port for even more capability.

Too much technical mumbo jumbo? Well how’s this grab ya…

You can turn your Wii remote into a finger-tracker and interact with your computer (like Tom Cruise did on Minority Report before he became all creepy).

Or you can use your Wii remote to create an interactive whiteboard on almost any surface.

Still not enough? How about using the infrared camera in the Wii remote and a head mounted sensor bar to accurately track the location of your head and render view dependent images on the screen, effectively transforming your display into a portal to a virtual environment. The display properly reacts to head and body movement as if it were a real window creating a realistic illusion of depth and space.

All these wonderfully creative and nerdy projects can be found HERE on Johnny Chung Lee’s blog.

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