The Renaissance Boy

June 5, 2008 — Leave a comment

I call my youngest blonde boy my “Renaissance Boy.”

He loves sports – all kinds. Loves to watch them and play them. He hasn’t yet met a sport he doesn’t like. His current favorite is baseball.

He loves art. I’ve posted some of his art HERE, HERE, and HERE. I recently got him a sketch book and some pencils so we can do some artist retreats and sketch (I SUCK… but I want to encourage it in him).

He loves to read. We are currently reading through the Narnia series together. I can’t hold him back… he devours books (much like his brother).

And he loves music. He begged for piano lessons a two years ago (when he was 5) and he plays all the time. We never have to ask him to practice.

Am I a proud parent? Yep. Am I concerned that you might think I’m bragging on my kid too much? I don’t really care. Why? Because you should brag on you kids! Let them think that they can do no wrong, that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to do, that they are invincible. Don’t worry about reality… life will teach them that. Your job is to be their cheerleader.

So indulge a proud papa one more story: After his first recital for Mrs. Madden last Sunday (his current piano teacher), we were walking out when we heard the family talking about the cute little boy who did so well on his numbers. They turned around and saw Chase and said, “Oh, it’s you! You did so good! You are so cute!” Then another mom chased Mrs. Two Blonde Boys down in the parking lot to tell her how great the boy did.

Yep… I lost a couple of buttons on my shirt and the Missus teared up a bit. IT Was a proud moment.

And here is his recital (playing “Caballero” and “Pumpkin Boogie”).

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