$199 3G iPhone?

May 1, 2008 — Leave a comment

If rumors are to believed, then just maybe Apple is set to rule the world using the same tactics that Microsoft used to.

When I worked for Microsoft, it was not uncommon for us to enter a market, under-price everyone, take the hit because we had deep pockets, then own that market segment. A great example of this was Microsoft Access. When every other database company at that time was selling their DB for $300-$500+, Microsoft sold Access for $99. Genius.

Now there is a rumor that Apple might be doing the same thing:

Everyone seems to think that Apple will be announcing a 3G iPhone this coming June, so now it is time to start rumormongering about something else. Fortune is reporting that, according to sources close to the story, AT&T is planning on taking a $200 hit on every iPhone sold (with a 2 year contract, of course). That’s right, AT&T is going to knock off $200 on the 3G iPhone to ensure that everyone and their toddlers have (and use all the wonderful features that AT&T’s network has to offer) an iPhone or two in their pocket.

Read the entire article from The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW.com) HERE.

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