A Fire in My Belly

February 15, 2008 — Leave a comment

There are things in the world that are not right… things you and I can’t do anything about. Things that probably won’t change no matter how hard we beat against the wall or rage against the machine.

But there are some things we can do something about. We can do big things… eternal things… life-changing things. We can the save lives of children who are dying.

I have become WRECKED with what I see through the eyes of the Compassion bloggers in Uganda. Wrecked with the realization that kids are dying of completely preventable things like hunger and malaria and AIDS.

But I have also become absolutely HOPEFUL, because I know know that you and I can truly make a difference. We can literally SAVE THE LIFE of a sweet, innocent, beautiful child.

My child’s name is Engel. He lives in Ecuador. Because I sponsor him – for a mere $32 a month – he has food and clothes and shelter and medical attention and an education. Take a look at the pictures and the stories from the Uganda bloggers to see the STARK difference between sponsored and unsponsored children. It is unbelievable.

Please, will you join me in sponsoring a child? For $32 a month you can literally save the life of a child.


February is Compassion’s blog month. Let’s get together as readers of Two Blonde Boys and make a difference. Join with me. Let’s make it our goal to sponsor 30 kids (new sponsorships) by the end of February.

Will you join me? Go to Compassion right now and sponsor a child. Then come back and leave a comment and tell me about your child.

Together we can make a difference.

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