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January 31, 2008 — Leave a comment

911 changed things. No doubt about it. But who would have thought THIS would happen?

Yesterday, Pam and I played host to the DeCesare/Goodman/Bergman clan. This meant five kids in the house.

We have a little room, a kind of shed, attached to the garage. The kids adopted this as their own. We were charmed when they appeared to turn the shed into a new country, complete with its own three color flag. “As long as they don’t start singing and marching,” the adults joked, and that’s the last we thought of it.

Then the four year old wandered back to the house carrying a slip that read, “Beutyful 2414.”

Eventually, it dawned on us that this was her password and security code. Here is the entire manifest. (I give it to you in the strictest confidence.)

Pretty: 8412
Curley: 3333
Navey: 1384
Beutyful: 2414
Flower: 1211

Each of the kids has a password and security code. I don’t know how many terrorists there are in my part of Connecticut but clearly the little shed is now secure. Relatively speaking. We could use a metal detector and a rent-a-cop but then the kids will have to start raising taxes, and no one around here wants that, believe me

Read the entire article HERE.

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