Monday Facts (on Wednesday)

May 2, 2007 — Leave a comment

It has been a crazy last few weeks. If I was Los, I would have video of the whole deal! But I’m not…

So, as promised, here are the Monday Facts about sports:

The ideal knuckleball should complete less than a single rotation on its way to home plate. Its erratic path is created by the difference in air molecules traveling over the baseball’s seams and smooth surfaces.

Ice skaters skate on water, not ice. At 32 degree Fahrenheit, ice has a liquid surface measuring 40 billionths of a meter thick. Below -31 degrees Fahrenheit, the liquid layer becomes so thin that a skater’s blades would stick rather than glide across the ice.

The average lifespan of an NHL hockey puck is 7 minutes. Those that don’t fly into the stands are removed because they warm up from friction and bounce on the ice. Game pucks – chilled to -10 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum performance – are kept in a freezer in the penalty box.

“Fore!” the warning yelled by weekend duffers after hitting an errant golf shot, was originally an English military term. Back when soldiers fired rifles in lines, the command Beware before!” was a signal for the front line to kneel or risk getting their heads blown off.

Next week… facts about and related to the Bible.

From “That’s a Fact, Jack” by Harry Bright and Jakob Anser.

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