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I love some of the shows on the Food Network. Other stuff… not so much. Alton, Emeril, Bobby, Paula, and Giada – yes. Rachel, Sandra, and the rest… not so much.

I just read a blog post by Anthony Bourdain – you’ve seen him on his show on the Travel Channel (if you haven’t, you are missing an experience).

Check out what Anthony has to say:

I actually WATCH Food Network now and again, more often than not drawn in by the progressive horrors on screen. I find myself riveted by its awfulness, like watching a multi-car accident in slow motion. Mesmerized at the ascent of the Ready-Made bobblehead personalities, and the not-so-subtle shunting aside of the Old School chefs, I find myself de-constructing the not-terrible shows, imagining behind the scenes struggles and frustrations, and obsessing unhealthily on the Truly Awful ones. Screaming out loud at Sandra Lee in disbelief as she massacres another dish, then sits grinning, her face stretched into a terrifying rictus of faux cheer for the final triumphant presentation. I mourn for Mario..and Alton…Bobby and yes–even Emeril, nobly holding the fort while the TV empire he helped build crumbles like undercooked Bundt cake into a goo of Cheez Wiz around him.

You can read the full article HERE (read it all… it is classic Bourdain). Also, don’t miss some of
the reactions and responses on Dr. Vino’s blog, HERE.

By the way you here are the non-Food-Network sites of my favorite Food Network chefs: Alton, Emeril, Bobby, Paula, and Giada.

(HT: Ragamuffin Soul)

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2 responses to Boudain SMACKDOWN!

  1. Brandi Chambless February 28, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    Just saying hello. Nice blogging.

  2. Thanks, Brandi!

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