Help a Brother Out

February 22, 2007 — 4 Comments

Don’t get me wrong… I like SpitBox. It’s a blog for bloggers. I have their banner on my blog. See… it’s right over there on the right… just under my picture (that I hope to redo someday with Daley Hake, but that’s another post for another time).

My beef with SpitBox? No link love for me. They even posted one of the articles I wrote on Santa Clause (read it on TBB HERE and SpitBox HERE).

What does it take to crack the list?

Pat Callahan

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I'm a picker. I'm a grinner. I'm a lover. And I'm a sinner. I make my music in the sun.

4 responses to Help a Brother Out

  1. Seriously, bro! Spitbox boys come on. Los is one of the heads, so hit him up.

  2. Ya know the funny thing Pat, is that I was the one who posted that there and I don't even get any link love from them. How much worse can it get than that?

  3. I FEEL YA!You are not a hater.C

  4. Like I always say:"Don't hate the playuh, hate the game."

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