Re:Create Day 4 – Rick Dempsey

February 8, 2007 — 5 Comments

Rick Dempsey, Senior VP at Disney is talking about branding. Here’s the top 40 global brands, according to Business Week:

  1. Coca-Cola (U.S)
  2. Microsoft (U.S.)
  3. IBM (U.S.)
  4. General Electric (U.S.)
  5. Intel (U.S.)
  6. Nokia (Finland)
  7. Toyota (Japan)
  8. Disney (U.S.)
  9. McDonald’s (U.S.)
  10. Mercedes (Germany)
  11. Citi (U.S.)
  12. Marlboro (U.S.)
  13. Hewlett-Packard (U.S.)
  14. American Express (U.S.)
  15. BMW (Germany)
  16. Gillette (U.S.)
  17. Louis Vuitton (France)
  18. Cisco (U.S.)
  19. Honda (Japan)
  20. Samsung (South Korea)
  21. Merril Lynch (U.S.)
  22. Pepsi (U.S)
  23. Nescafe (Switzerland)
  24. Google (U.S.)
  25. Dell (U.S.)
  26. Sony (Japan)
  27. Budweiser (U.S.)
  28. HSBC (U.K.)
  29. Oracle (U.S.)
  30. Ford (U.S.)
  31. Nike (U.S.)
  32. UPS (U.S.)
  33. JP Morgan (U.S.)
  34. SAP (Germany)
  35. Canon (Japan)
  36. Morgan Stanley (U.S.)
  37. Goldman Sachs (U.S.)
  38. Pfizer (U.S.)
  39. Apple (U.S.)
  40. Kellogg’s (U.S.)

Sorry, Los… Apple is only #39, beat out by razors, (#16), purses (#17), and beer (#27). Look on the bright side, at least Apple beat out Cornflakes!

Pat Callahan

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5 responses to Re:Create Day 4 – Rick Dempsey

  1. we made it, 36: Morgan Stanley. I kind of feel bad though that I beat apple. I wonder if that list is old or if it's just based on knowledge of the brand or favorable knowledge. I don't think dell is that high up the list nowadays.

  2. Brandi Chambless February 10, 2007 at 4:39 am

    Hey Pat. Just wanted to thank you for all your help this week with my blog. We are home in Memphis safe and sound. Thank you Jesus.brandi C.

  3. Hey Pat, I'm the music director at Clovis Hills and just wanted to stop by and drop you a line. I found you through Los and thought since we're in the same town I'd give you some blog love. I really enjoy the site!

  4. Hey Paul…Thanks for the stopping by. I was at Clovis Hills a few weeks back (I think you sang "When I'm 64" at the end of the service). I'd love to grab some coffee sometime.Later…-Pat

  5. Hey Brandi…Glad you go home safe! It was great to meet you. Give me a shout if you need some blog ehlp.-Pat

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