A Star is Born

December 4, 2006 — 1 Comment

Our church did its annual kids’ Christmas program. It was very cool and very well done. My oldest was a cameraman on the tech crew and my youngest sang and was “Kid 3” in the production (A Star is Born).

I know I am biased… but the kid is cute. The thing is… he knows it. And he works it. It is HILARIOUS! He had one line: “She’s clearly overestimating the power of pasta.” He delivered it in such a way that he got both the laugh AND the clap (applause, not an STD).

But as we were driving home, he says to me: “Hey Dad… did you notice that I was the only kid that got clapped for after they said their lines?”

He is his father’s child. Enjoy the pictures.

Pat Callahan

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  1. It was the "powur of pauuusta" that got me! The fact that he is a little peanut doesn't hurt either. He's a step ahead of ya on that one.

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