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In honor of Halloween, I give you these tips on pumpkin carving…

For those of you who are basic pumpkin carvers, check out THIS SITE for a little pumpkin carving 101, or maybe THIS SITE to download some carving templates for your pumpkin. You might even want to check out THIS SITE to practice carving your pumpkin online.

For the more adventurous, check out THIS SITE for some great info on how to carve a 3D pumpkin. Even if you aren’t that adventurous, take some time to check out the gallery. Ray Villafane is an incdredible artist.

And finally, if you are a bit twisted like me (OK, I’m more than just a bit twisted…) check out ExtremePumpkins.com. Ever want to know how to make The Puking Pumpkin? It’s there. Or how about The Pyro Pumpkin? Also there. They even have a picture of The Pumpkin Station 3000, the perfect way to enjoy carving success.

If you’re like me, you have fixated on the Pyro Pumpkin. Here’s how they did it:

Last year I got an e-mail from a boy scout leader somewhere (I am sorry I didn’t keep the e-mail to give the guy credit) who uses a kerosene soaked roll of toilet paper to make three foot flames that last for over 1/2 hour.

I had to put this theory to the test. To the Hardware store I went. I bought a gallon of Kerosene ($4.49) and a paint can ($1.89). The roll of TP I stole from the closet at home. According to the boy scout you need to soak the TP overnight, so I did just that.

It was awesome. The flames were indeed three feet out of the pumpkin and they lasted for about 45 minutes. If you want the best flame I have seen yet, this is it. Be warned that the smoke can be a little dark and stinky at first. Otherwise, it was awesome. Remember to be safe and all that.

Oh yeah… there’s a video, too.

Happy Halloween!

Pat Callahan

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