And you just thought this was for fun!

October 20, 2006 — 5 Comments

Two Blonde Boys is not just about fun. It’s about learning, too, as yesterday’s post proves.

Today we leave the field of urinary medicine…

Wait! That reminds me of a joke…

Question: What’s the difference between a weather man and an overweight bladder doctor?

Answer: One’s a meteorologist and the other is a meaty urologist.

OK. Let’s move to our next topic, geography, with this little gem: Can You Pass the Third Grade.

Post pass or fail in the comments!

HT: …life… by transitionpete

Pat Callahan

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5 responses to And you just thought this was for fun!

  1. Passed (with about half my time left).-Pat

  2. Fail. But you know I'm going to complain about this…. 41/48 is failing??? It's 85%! I call that a strong B! And I really wonder if a third grader could pass that in that amount of time! Anyone have a third grader to try this out on?No more learning, Pat. Back to the fun please!

  3. The short bus is comin to pick me up.Someone moved New Jersey and Illinois.

  4. My second grader only got 14/48. I know she doesn't know them all, but her biggest problem was her hand-eye coordination . . . she knew where the state was, she just wasn't gettin' the mouse in the right place.As for me, I passed . . .on my fourth try.*grins sheepishly*

  5. According to that dumb website, I'm riding the short bus with Jules! However, I will be appealing that decision since it told me that I got 48/48!

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