For the Record…

July 17, 2006 — 9 Comments

I do not win contests, however, I was a recent winner at Family Jules. That half-eaten box of Whoppers will be treasured forever. UPDATE: They ate my prize. Dang!

I also want to go on record that I scored LOWER than Family Jules in the Nerd Test. While she scored a 50, I was a mere 41 (which is still “Slightly Nerdy” as the the oldest blonde boy peering over my shoulder now – and correcting my spelling as I type – points out).

I am nerdier than 41% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

What’s your Nerd Score? Click HERE to find out (although, I think that just the act of looking means you are a nerd of some sort). Let me know what your score is.

Pat Callahan

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I'm a picker. I'm a grinner. I'm a lover. And I'm a sinner. I make my music in the sun.

9 responses to For the Record…

  1. I scored 31 points. I'm a "wannabe nerd".Looks like your "bot" missed a word during his spell check. >randyparker

  2. I think the periodical elements chart questions through me over the top! I stand on my prior claim that I'm really not nerdy, but I will accept geeky. But only in terms of my science background!!!I can't believe you only scored a 41. You're so ex-Microsoftish!!

  3. BTW—-we ate the Whoppers this weekend. So sorry. They were stale anyway.

  4. I scored a 75. But I had taken it previously and scored quite lower. I'm not nerdy enough to explain that…

  5. Not ashamed to post this – 32 points. I'm about as nerdy as my old school buddy, who when asked what instrument he played said, "The stereo"…..

  6. I am not a NERD, but they say I'm not HIP? So I got to ask you in the words of the "Tower Of Power" "WHAT IS HIP?"41 POINTS

  7. Wow, I think I win, for not being nerdy!!! Only 23 and it said "you're not nerady, but definitely no hip"!!!

  8. I scored a 9, it said I am definitly not a nerd, and that I might actually be "cool." I think it was broken though. I am way nerdyer than that.Loren

  9. Sara,I can explain…It is called cheating sweety;). Ok maybe you didn't cheat but you had seen the questions before (and we have discussed them;). By the way, 83 here people(first try)….

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