Project Runway 3

July 13, 2006 — 4 Comments

So this is my secret: I love Bravo’s Project Runway.

I do not sew. I cannot make a dress or a shirt. I do not darn socks. If I am really feeling it, I can sew a button back onto my shirt. But I do love me some Project Runway.

While it’s fun to watch a bunch of insecure (or over-confident) artists slowly come unglued or overcome the odds to win it all, what I love most about the show is the art of it all. These designers are incredibly talented artists.

Last night Season 3 kicked off. Looks like a great kookish cast again this season. This week Stacey got the boot – I liked her dress, but I knew she wouldn’t make it long-term – she didn’t know how to use the industrial machines and so she was sewing by hand. That’s just not gonna cut it, babe.

Another cool thing about Project Runway is the “extras” on the Bravo website, including the PR blogs. Daniel from last year has a blog, but the great one is from Tim Gunn (and he has a podcast, too).

Anyway, my secret is now out. So please don’t call me on Wednesdays after 10 p.m. Mrs. Two Blonde Boys and I will be in the family room watching PR3.

Pat Callahan

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4 responses to Project Runway 3

  1. I have only one word….Intervention.

  2. wow, i know this is a weblog, and you are journaling your feelings, but leave that kind of stuff for the small group bro! Just messin' i have a couple of dirty little secrets too…we love: america's next top model, justin timberlake, and everyonce in awhile we'll pop in a Tiffany CD.

  3. Brain, you had me until the Tiffany CD.That's just wrong.

  4. Pat, I am right there with you. Jeremy might question you but I also watch it;). I knew we picked the right church;).

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