Mentos and Diet Coke…. Update!

June 29, 2006 — 2 Comments

Remember couple of weeks ago when I posted the Mentos and Diet Coke video? If you haven;t seen it, check it out HERE.

Well, there’s an update… Church of the Customer Blog reported on the reactions of the companies whose products were involved:

Mentos: “We are tickled pink by it,” says Pete Healy, vice president of marketing for the company’s U.S. division. The company spends less than $20 million on U.S. advertising annually and estimates the value of online buzz to be “over $10 million.”

Coke: “We would hope people want to drink [Diet Coke] more than try experiments with it,” says Coke spokeswoman Susan McDermott. She adds that the “craziness with Mentos … doesn’t fit with the brand personality” of Diet Coke.

Hmmm…. Sounds like Diet Coke needs to take themselves a little less seriously!

And by the way, Diet Coke sales are down.

(HT: Church of the Customer Blog)

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2 responses to Mentos and Diet Coke…. Update!

  1. Check out the new Mentos video contest:

  2. Haha hm…someone beat me to it. Maybe your kids would have fun doing something like that? A friend of mine has a 10 year old neice and she's so excited to make a video of something "really cool" and sending it into a contest. She won't win most likely but it's still something fun for her to do.

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