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April 13, 2006 — 3 Comments

I was at Rubio’s for lunch yesterday with some of the other pastors when a guy walked up and started talking to our Care Pastor, Mike Chastain. Mike is a legend in this town. You can’t go anywhere without people coming up and saying hello. It’s like being with a celebrity.

Anyway, as this guy and Mike were talking, I’m thinking to myself, “This guy looks familiar.” Then Mike said, “Hey Pat, I want to introduce you to Brian…”

Then it hit me.

I stood up, shook the guy’s hand and said, “Hale – Yeah!” It was none other than fellow blogger, Brian Hale. Brian is the college worship leader at The People’s Church in Fresno (not to be confused with the other People’s Church in Franklin, TN). Brian’s blog is Hale – Yeah! and it is a great read. Brian is buddies with another blogging friend, Carlos Whittaker of the Ragamuffin Soul blog and Ragamuffin Soulcast podcast.

The thing that is surprising to me about blogging is that when you meet other people who’s blog you read it’s like you know them. I experienced that after meeting Los and again when I met Brian at lunch the other day.

While running the risk of overspiritualizing it (but I’m a pastor… I’m supposed to see the connections), blogging creates this feel that when you combine it with our brotherhood (and sisterhood) in Christ it creates a real sense of community and fellowship. I don’t know if what I jsut wrote captures what I’m really trying to say (I’m pretty spent right now).

Suffice it to say it was cool to meet Brian in the flesh. I look forward to getting together again soon.

Gotta run. Easter is 64 hours away.

Pat Callahan

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I'm a picker. I'm a grinner. I'm a lover. And I'm a sinner. I make my music in the sun.

3 responses to Rubio – Bloggio

  1. it was good to see you too pat, maybe we can grab some lunch sometime. i didn't want to interrupt your meeting, i know easter is close and what that means for all the pastors out there!

  2. VERY NICE redesign!!!!!!Wow!!!Randy

  3. Thanks, Randy!I'll call you after next week, Brian.Have a great weekend everybody!-Pat

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