The Muppet Matrix

April 11, 2006 — 4 Comments

Are you a Matix lover? Which one was your favorite? I loved the action in the second movie (the freeway chase seen was incredible) and the closure of the third movie (well, not really…). But the first movie was – and still is – my favorite (or for my Brit friends, “favourite”).

Here for you on this Tuesday is a little Easter week treat called, “The Muppet Matrix.”

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Pat Callahan

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4 responses to The Muppet Matrix

  1. I never saw the resemblance between Kermit and Keanu until now!

  2. I admit it. I love the muppets.Beaker as the agent, I never thought of him as a villian. Funny, very funny.

  3. Gotta say #1 was my favorite as well. It just blew every other special effect on the screen away at that time. when i came out of the movie theatre (british) i thought i could bend the lightposts!

  4. Hey Brian,It was great to meet you face-to-face at Rubio's today.-Pat

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