My Friend the Capo

April 2, 2006 — 5 Comments

I love my capo. Lest you misunderstand me, I am talking about my guitar capo (pronounced “kay (as in the name) – poe“), not my Capo from the Mafia (pronounced “cap (as in ball) – poe“).

I do have a capo (in fact I have three or four. I do not, however, have a Capo.


A capo allows you to play in a lot of different keys without knowing the chords in that key. It’ s like a magical musical transposer, because it works like magic. Can you play in D? G? E? Then you’re good for just about everything else.

Unless you forget to put your capo on when you are supposed to. Which is what happened to me this morning. We debuted Paul Baloche’s new song, “Your Name” from his soon to be released CD, “Greater Song.” The song is in Bb, so I capo to the third fret and play in G. No big deal.

Unless, like I said before, you forget to put the capo on. Let’s just say that the guy who was singing the song was thrown under the bus for the first verse and chorus. The band did fine – they just went with it, but the singer had a tough time. Techincally, I didn’t throw him under the bus – it was more like I knocked him down and then jumped in the bus and repeated ran him over.


The song finished fine and I remembered the capo for the second service. But it was interesting for a few minutes there in the first service. Thank you, Lord, for another opportunity to learn humility.

Pat Callahan

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I'm a picker. I'm a grinner. I'm a lover. And I'm a sinner. I make my music in the sun.

5 responses to My Friend the Capo

  1. You write this as it is your first time forgetting your capo, or capoing 2 instead of three…hmmm. When anyone does this, I refer to it as "Pulling a Pat." So it couldn't have been the first time.

  2. Good recovery…. second verse. Great example of taking responsibility. Excellent example of how we all get humbled – I've been there too (many times). As a leader, you show your human side in "real time" and I benefit from it greatly!!! We all enjoy working with you to the "Nth" degree; don't change a thing brother!

  3. I was gonna say it, but my husband already did. I remember a few times when Pat stoped the band and said something like "I need to put the capo in teh right place to play this song" to the congregation. But it was always funny (at least for those of us who knew what he was talking about).But Pat can always pull it off 😛

  4. You ROCK Pat! I look at it this way, for as much time as you spend in front of people, your mistake to exposure ratio is quite low. And in the process there seems to be a good time had by all. Except of coarse if your name is Sheffie! Keep up the great ministry and comic relief!!!!!

  5. Oh…so that's what the underside of the bus looks like!Actually, I think God delights in keeping me humble. I have realized a couple of things in this life (watch out, I'm waxing philosophic): 1. I have a big ego, and 2. as much as I try to make things to the is all about HIM! So maybe the "capo incident" was about helping me realize that God is in control and regardless of the circumstances, I will praise Him (in Bb, or even in G).So, Pat, maybe you were just the instrument that God used to teach me something (I just wish He wouldn't teach me these lessons in front of 600 people!). However, I will expect much more pampering on my next performance. Krispy Kreme and Diet Dr. Pepper in my dressing room please!

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