New Look

March 20, 2006 — 7 Comments

So what do you think?

I think I’m going to get rid of the left column… it seems too crowded.

Pat Callahan

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I'm a picker. I'm a grinner. I'm a lover. And I'm a sinner. I make my music in the sun.

7 responses to New Look

  1. Hey. Can't you spread out the center colomn a bit. I LOVE THE LOOK. Look at how Apple has you designing already. Check out the podcast today. you got lots of love.Los

  2. I like it! I agree with the Los. Just resist the tempatation to but "Made on a Mac" on your site.

  3. I will chime in with the adoring crowd;). I love the look and the boys are adorable. I agree with Los about the middle column. The script is very classy;).

  4. Thanks for the love… I fixed the column width, I think (it was getting REALLY late last night).For the record Rich & Los… I did it on a PC!-Pat

  5. Very nice look! Although must admit at first glance I thought I clicked on With Reckless Abandon's blog again!Keep up the great work…always love to see what you've got!

  6. Well, we had some issues in the middle of the day (I was trying to track down a problem and had to leave in the middle of something). I ended up with a different look for a few hours.Thanks for the visit!-Pat

  7. Ok, now must say that I LOVE this new look! I kept wondering yesterday about everyone saying they love the picture of the boys. I didn't see any picture of the boys. But, now I see what they were seeing and it looks great! Very classy and sophisticated!

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