Revamp on the way…

March 12, 2006 — 10 Comments

I am going to try to find some time to change the look of my blog. Any suggestions for a new look?

Pat Callahan

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I'm a picker. I'm a grinner. I'm a lover. And I'm a sinner. I make my music in the sun.

10 responses to Revamp on the way…

  1. You can start with pimpin' my blog!J/K!I love your blog. Do whatever you feel.It's all good.

  2. As long as you keep the poop and farting content, you can make it look like whatever you want!

  3. I suggest you FIRST remove this blog link from the church web site. Then it would not matter what your blog looks like or what your content is. Perhaps you can change the color to brown and put a steaming heap of dung in place of your photo. A not so godly reference should not be linked to a church web site.

  4. I am sill wondering which part is "ungodly." If you don't like what I have written, you always have the freedom not to read it.If you don't like the post about making gasoline or vanillin from cow dung, or you take issue with the man whose life was saved after falling in pigeon droppings, that's your perogative.If you take issue with the Friday video feature, OK. There was a warning. Don't watch it.But to somehow characterize all of that as "ungodly" and then to tell me to replace my picture with a "steaming heap of dung" seems a little hypocritical.Have you ever noticed that it is always easier to flame when you are anonymous…-Pat

  5. WOW, looks like a good day for steel underware. Paster Jan made a great point on Sunday about the diversity of the people sitting beside each other in our church. There are differences of opinions; there always will be – but we chose to follow God even if we don't always agree on which road we take. Jesus chose to spend his time with the tax collectors and other people of His day that were considered lowly by the Pharisees. I have pointed people I know to this blog as a great source of reference for diverse subject matter; BUT it's a blog that has an underlying Christian point of view. And let me clarify – I work in a secular world with both Christians and non-Christians. I don't judge any as "lowly", but by steering someone to this blog, I've opened a door for a non-Christian to be exposed to a Christian point of view. In my opinion Pat conveys his spiritually and closeness to God often in this blog – and his humor is truly a gift. As for revamping the blog – it works and navigates well. My only suggestion if you retool it is, as they say, "keep it simple stupid".David Hammers

  6. Pat – Keep the humor and take a chance that the ones complaining would complain if the were hung with a new rope! (as my old Texas Mamo would say)

  7. Huh?? I do no recall on Sunday, when Pastor Jan was speaking about our gifts that the gift of critical criticism was listed. Anoymnous must have a differnt Bible then I do. Pat, you are edgy sometimes but that's the reason my unchurch friends want to hear and know more about our God. Thanks for being you.

  8. Pat, Ignore naysayers that can back it up with a name or scripture. I failed to remember the scripture that says, "you shalt not talk or joke about poo". I admit I passed on the gas video(but I am sure NerdDad watched), it simply isn't my taste. As a mom of 3 kids under 5, if you can't laugh at gas and poo you will go nuts. As far as a re-vamp, what effect are you wanting(that will direct design). Can you tell I have worked in a marketing department;). I like the blog, I read it, I'm happy. That may not say much(back to the 3 kids under 5;).

  9. Of course I meant can't back it up with scripture or a name;).

  10. NerdMom (and everyone else),Thanks for you kind words. NerdMom, your comments came at just the right time!-Pat

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