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March 8, 2006 — Leave a comment

My Monday post was about the wonders of cow poop.

And today, it’s pigeons. Who would have thought that pigeon poo could save your life?

Although strictly speaking it was more a by-product of pigeons that helped to save Phil Harrison because it was in fact their droppings that helped to cushion his 30ft fall.

That’s right, as unpleasant as it sounds, six inches of sloppy pigeon poo acted as the perfect safety net for Mr. Harrison when he fell 30ft from a mill chimney trying to rescue a hawk, reports the Sun.

Well almost-perfect safety net, as sadly Phil from West Yorkshire did break his neck from the fall after the wire mesh support gave way.

However, all ornithologists will be pleased to know that Mr. Harrison managed to gallantly hang on to the hawk as he fell, leaving the bird unharmed.

Alan Webster, Mr. Harrison’s friend, said: “It’s amazing to think his life was saved by a few inches of bird droppings.”

Thankfully doctors are expecting Phil to make a full recovery.

So pigeon poo can break your fall… but can they extract gasoline of vanilla? I thought not.

Read the full article from UKTV HERE.

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