I’m banned!

February 23, 2006 — 4 Comments

It turns out that I am banned from Yahoo.

What did I do? I had the audacity to have “Callahan” as a last name. Still confused? So was I, until I realized that hidden within my last name is the word “Allah.” Yahoo has decided to ban all e-mail names with “Allah” in them – even if the letters are included in another name.

I would also be banned if my last name was Calosamahan (no osama’s, please). Calbinladenham is also out.

This was uncovered by Reg reader Ed Callahan whose mother Linda Callahan was trying to sign up for a Verizon email address. She could not get it to accept her surname.

Enquiries to Verizon revealed that a partnership with Yahoo! was to blame. Yahoo! will not accept any identies which include the letters “allah”.

Ed Callahan said, “On one level this is just silliness. But we have a war on terrorism and it’s migrating to be a war on Muslims – this just shows the confusion there is between the two and how pervasive this is.”

The Callahans are still waiting to hear back from Yahoo!

A spokesman for Yahoo! UK said: “This sounds like a glitch. But we will get back to Ed and Linda Callahan with a full answer as soon as possible.”

Read the full story HERE.

HT: NerdMom via Dommynicius

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4 responses to I’m banned!

  1. WOW. Interesting, Pat. Hope all is well with you…bless you bro!

  2. Weird, isn’t it?All is good (even though I am banned). Hope everything is good with you, too. We started podcasting our services this week (actually, it’s the messages only), so I have been getting that all sewn up.And I bought a Mac.Yep. Not for everything mind you. But there are some things that are just done easier on a Mac.Great hearing from you, bro. Thanks for the shout out and the link on your site. Oh yeah, the interview on Los’ podcast was cool.Later!-Pat

  3. An update: NerdDad says that they have reversed this policy. They will now allow things with "allah".

  4. How can someone be banned from yahoo?Tiffany (www.xanga.com/xcrystal_blue_eyesx)

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