Very Cool Christmas

December 29, 2005 — 3 Comments

Our church, New Covenant Comminuty Church, had great services – on Christmas Eve AND on Christmas morning.

Just Charlie had this to say about their services:

OK, so our church wasn’t among the “cool” churches. OK, so my staff probably won’t think I’m all that great of a boss. OK, so we didn’t have setup/teardown issues. OK, so we didn’t make a fancy-schmancy DVD to give out to our folks so they could worship at home. All that stuff is great – and I truly mean that. All I know is we had three – count ’em – three families who came to “our place” on Christmas morning, because some other places had closed for the day. Will we ever see them again? I don’t know. Did they have an opportunity to hear about Jesus? You bet! Was it a hassle to do the Saturday night Christmas Eve thing and then get up and do something else Sunday morning Christmas Day? Yep! Am I any better than those who did it differently? Nope!

Like Charlie, we had our “usual” Christmas Eve services (tow of them… at 4 and 5:30 p.m.). Our 4:30 service was slammin’! We had about 800 people in a room that normally seats 800. I was not leading worship that weekend, so I just backed up our tech team and helped put down chairs liek crazy. Our second service was also great, with about 500 people in attendace.

Also like Charlie, we had a service on Christmas. For us, it was a no-brainer. It’s Sunday. It’s church. I’m not judging the churches in town or around the country/world that did somethings else… that just wasn’t for us.

Going in, I figured we would have about the same as the 2nd service the night before – about 500. But people came.. .and came… and came… and kept coming! We put down chairs until we ran out. We filled up the overflow rooms to overflowing until people we standing at the doors looking through the overflow windows. We had people sitting two to a seat and 3 people for every two seats.

At the end of the morning we had close to 1,000 people (best guess). Unbelieveable. Again, I spent my time putting down chairs in every available space (almost considered seating people on stage) and spent most of the service outside with the rest of the staff who gave up their seats to make space. Yep, it was incredible.

But the coolest thing happened at the end of the service. We did a “retiring communion,” where people take communion as they exit the building. A lady had brought a friend to the service. They both left teh service crying. They came up to our Children’s Ministry Director, Mary. The lady said her friend wanted to accept Christ and could Mary help.

Awesome. That’s what it’s all about. Numbers are cool becuase numbers are people – people that we can minister to – people that need Jesus. And because we were there and available, because of the goodness of God and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, there is another lady going to heaven.


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3 responses to Very Cool Christmas

  1. I love Christmas morning services. The more we crowded in together, the friendlier everybody became. It was like the family crowding around the dinner table. Kelly and Karey did a fantastic job. "Little Drummer Boy" in reggae was so cool. I found myself singing it all day. When we exited and took communion outside it gave everybody the option of staying and visiting – how great was that! I am so glad I got a chance to see the Spirit of the Lord at work!

  2. Christmas evening Laura and I were watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and I said, "You know what the best part of Christmas was for me this year? It was being at church this morning." She agreed. Toward the end of that 10:00 service I looked around the room packed like I've never seen it before and I started to tear up. Laura looked over at me beaming and I quickly acted like something was in my eye – and she looked away without knowing that I was so overcome (my "guys don't cry gene" still works).I've been very moved by all the events of my life lately. Being included in this years Christmas Program with the ability to worship, fellowship, and bring family and friends to church for their first time was huge. During the final service of the program when we started to play "Joy to the World" I started to tear up. My fight with cancer, my love of God, the outpouring of prayers from family and friends and people I've never met just hit me. Luckily there wasn't an acoustic guitar part and I savored the moment. How blessed we are with all God does for us. In a church filled beyond standing room on a Christmas morning packed with people wanting to hear the Lord's message instead of sitting in their sweats by the tree shouts volumes. My emotions hit me at times like Christmas morning and I find myself tearing up or crying – a good thing. And when I just read this post of yours and how the Lord has touched another soul I couldn't help but think that Clarence got his wings, how great is our God – and I cried. Thanks Pat for the great blog, your devotion to our Lord, your talent and trust, and your unending friendship. David Hammers

  3. Yep, I was the lady who brought her friend. She has been living with us for about 6 months, delivered a beautiful girl on Oct 13th and they are getting ready to move into their own place and she asked if she could attend church with us. When it came to communion she asked if I was taking it and what it meant. It was at that moment I realized here she is right under my roof and I took it for granted she had accepted the Lord. We pray everytime we eat she see's me pray individually so I just assumed she was save. What an overwhelming blessing to have been a part of the whole day. My husband has cancer also and gave up his seat for others that day just in case someone else needed it.Our church is so awesome. We are definitely are a praying bunch.

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