All Pastors are Salesmen

October 3, 2005 — 1 Comment

Here’s a quote from H. B. London from Focus on the Family’s ministry to pastors. Provacative talk that I’m sure not all will appreciate:

“The church in more ways than not is mirroring Wall Street and the world and Madison Avenue. We’re [lagging] behind them to a certain degree, but we’re using all their techniques.”

“Nearly every pastor is a salesman or a marketer of one kind or another because… we have a philosophy to sell,” says H. B. London, vice president of pastoral ministries at Focus on the Family. “The best marketers and best salesmen will have more converts, will have more people, will take in more money…. Evangelicals are marketers because they’re really passionate about their product.”

This is from an article in the Christian Science Monitor a couple months ago. You can read the entire article HERE.

So what do you think?

(HT: Monday Morning Insight)

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One response to All Pastors are Salesmen

  1. In time, you will always see if the sales man presented you with garbage and manipulated you into the sale, or if he presented you with the truth. When you get that car at home and the gas mileage is more like 15 mpg and not 40mpg, you realize it and know. How many times have I had UPS deliver something I was anxiously awaiting delivery that I bought on ebay, and immediately learned the product was "not as described." You eventually find out the credability of the salesman in the longrun, despite how good he made you feel at the time of the sale about the product. The amazing thing about Pastors is that they are all salesman. If the church didn't have catchy signs and sermon series titles, it wouldn't reach nearly as many people. But that just gets them in the door. If they hear the gospel from a true man of God they will know it is truth. Later down the road they will know it wasn't someone trying to fill up the offering bucket, it was a passionate man of God sharing Truth, Grace, and Love. All Pastors are saleman, and you need to market to reach as many people as possible, but in the longrun, the product sells itself.

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