How sweet it is…

September 23, 2005 — 3 Comments

The Apprentice is back! Yeah, baby!

Last night’s episode was a great season opener. This should be a fun season. Don’t quite know yet who my money will be on, but I know who it won’t be on (Markus).

Here’s a little bit about the first casualty, Melissa:

Melissa, 30, was a star softball and soccer athlete for much of her youth. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Denver, with a dual B.S. degree in Accounting and International Finance, and two Master Degrees in Accounting and Computer Information Systems. Melissa’s Fortune 500 professional foundation includes accounting and tax consulting at KPMG, followed by becoming Vice President of Investments at Wachovia Securities. She built a portfolio of investments valued more than $48 million in her first year as a stockbroker. True to her entrepreneurial spirit, Melissa founded Mosaic Co., offering title and inspection services, mortgage lending, and lease-option housing, after many years of buying, selling, and rehabbing properties. She recently acquired several apartment buildings in Fla. and is currently expanding into the hospitality and senior housing industries.

And did she mention to the producers she was Hispanic – or was that just to everyone else… all the time… ceaslessly.

Melissa graduated magna cum laude. Hmm.. is that a typo? Maybe it was magna too loud?

Melissa, you need to learn to keep your cake hole shut. Thanks for playin’. Buh-bye!

Pat Callahan

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3 responses to How sweet it is…

  1. I stil think that the best part is when she pretty much fired herself saying "I don't work well with women"!!!!! She should speak less and think more before speaking, but anyways!!!!Ah, I gotta tell you Pat, we have a friend here in Texas and he said that he dated Marshawn a few years back (he's married now with a very nice girl)!!!

  2. My Tivo is gonna burn a hole in itself this fall. But I have always been an apprentice junky. The real winners lay low for a few weeks which is a good strategy. I will give you my front runner by week 5.

  3. One more thing. My husband and I have been laughing about this for two seasons now: has any body checked out the advertisement on top of the cab when the loosers leave the show?

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