Willow Creek Summit Observations – Part 1

August 18, 2005 — 2 Comments

The first session at the Summit featured Bill Hybels, founding and Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church. Hybels spoke about our “holy discontent.” He defined it as our “Popeye moment”… when we say, as Popeye did, “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.” Our holy discontent is that passion that drives us. As Hybels put it, it is that thing that wrecks us that also wrecks the heart of God.

What is your holy discontent? What is that thing that you just can’t stands no more that you have to take action on. What is it that wrecks you that also wrecks the heart of God.

Personally, I feel a passion to do great church: to make it relevant, engaging, and connecting. I want church to be exciting – an event, if you will – that draws people to respond to God. I want to stand against dull, uninspiring, irrelevant, and unmotivating church services.

At the same time, I am beginning to feel the stir of God in my heart to connect with the world to address a social concern. More about that in the next entry.

For more complete notes on session 1, check out Kem Meyers’ blog, here.

Updated August 20: Here’s a great quote that I forgot to include before: “When a leader is gripped by a powerful passion, he often enters a different state of mind.” (Robert Quinn)

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2 responses to Willow Creek Summit Observations – Part 1

  1. I agree with your discontent of churches who don't engage with their people. But, in your owns words what would or could a church do or not do to become "dull, unispiring, irrelevant, and unmotivating?" Sorry about the akward wording of that sentence!

  2. Can you define "relevant" for me as you mean it?SGshlog.com

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